FVRR - take profit while you still can

NYSE:FVRR   Fiverr International Ltd
The world is coming back to work and I suspect they will largely have to stop gambling on the FVRR marketplace for their production needs. If things do unravel in this rally, look for a retest on the new channel @160, before going lower to Fib levels, as sshown.
Trade active: Oh yeah, and I'm a firm believer in selling news.... The definition: Hearing about it's climb on cnbc live tv this morning. I was obviously aware of its success, however, I found the hosts comments about FVRR to be extremely telling of their own recent moves.
Trade closed manually: well, the media is spinning up the COVID FUD again. So goes the unsustainable rally in the professional's procedural nightmare that is FVRR.
Trade closed: target reached: HA! early again


Hi.. do you think it will go furtheer down in coming days?
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@sharmarohit9900, I think it could bounce from here as it is currently fighting the EMA cloud, but it could also come down to the bottom of the channel or even the first fib level around 145, before receiving a bounce.

The daily chart has not yet turned bearish as the candles are just now testing the 10/20 EMA cloud. Watch closely and see my newest FVRR idea. -
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extending the channel lines I drew in October, You can see the market respected them.