General Moly (GMO) has tracked along with FXI (China)

BATS:FXI   iShares China Large-Cap ETF
But look at what it is telling us now.

GMO is far more volatile than FXI and therefore accentuates the moves.

GMO appears to be alerting us to a downturn in the FXI .

It made sense to me to just go ahead an post this chart while I decide exactly how I would like to enter this trade.

Most likely I will buy GMO and sell short FXI , but I might only short FXI . It has also stalled from making new highs along with the US markets and could also be giving us a leading indication. The risk is small at only a few percentage points and the downside appears medium at 5% to 8%.


Tim 1:07PM EST January 28, 2013
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vy interesting comparison. tnx forthat. since june a Little choppy so far. a see a descending triangle in GMO.
FXI has indeed turned down as indicated by GMO's leading weakness.