$GAS towards $300? Long and short term view

I have high expectations for GAS.....
Fundamentally it will profit from new chinese regulations (which will come I believe strongly) and from coming ICO's on the NEO network (you need GAS to invest).
In a recent report, Palm Beach Confidential mentioned a price target of $ 300,- Thats a long road to go, but for 2018 I'm expecting a lot happening for GAS.

Looking at the charts, $300,- is far away and not any logical pattern indicating that target.
If we look shorter term, we can indicate a bottom after recent downtrend and a promising bounce.
Looks like we're in a 5 legs cycle up which might correct after reaching (5) before more upside to be expected.

Trading advice: you might want to wait for a correction after reaching (5), but on the other hand: if we hear positive news coming from Chinese regulators.... Oh boy, buckle up!!

As this is a long term hold for me, I will try to update this regularly.

happy trading!