GBPAUD | Perspective for the new week | Follow-up

FX:GBPAUD   British Pound / Australian Dollar
My very first speculation this new year was on the GBPAUD and since this publication price has moved over 500pips in our direction as we finally experience a Breakout of AU$1.80000 as predicted (see link below for reference purposes).
It appears the major GBP pairs are taking a synchronic upturn following renewed confidence in the UK economy amidst reports that Covid-19 infections have fallen by two-thirds!

Tendency: Uptrend ( Bullish )
Structure: Breakout | Supply & Demand | Trendline
Observation: i. During the last quarter of 2020, buyers gave in to the strong pressure of Sellers due to a shaky UK economy.
ii. Last year ended on a Bearish note for the Pound as a successful Breakdown of my Key level @ AU$1.80000 in December 2020 was followed by strong selling pressure from this level (rejection).
ii. Bullish Trendline: The line drawn under pivot lows ( Pivot I & II) expresses the prevailing direction of participants in the market as the trend continues to find Higher Highs which finally culminates into a Breakout of Key level last Friday.
iii. It is worthy to note that this is the first time this year that the price will close above AU$1.80000 (Key level).
iv. Even though the Breakout is not fully confirmed, I have a strong feeling that the Sellers have finally given in to the Buying pressure.
v. In this regard, I shall be looking for trading opportunities above AU$1.80000 as I peg my new Demand zone around AU$1.78000/1.8000 in the coming week(s).
vi. Please note that as Bullish expectations become high, it is necessary I state here that significant Breakdown of Trendline might consider this bias invalid... Trade consciously :)!
Trading plan: BUY confirmation with a minimum potential profit of 800 pips.
Risk/Reward: 1:5
Potential Duration: 25 to 40 days

NB: This speculation might be considered to make individual decisions on a lower timeframe.

Watch this space for updates as price action is been monitored.

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