Fluoride Fed... What the Government Dont Want You To Know ;p

FX:GBPCAD   British Pound / Canadian Dollar
Our 1st green line could be 1st sign of resistance ( 36 pips ) on this trade as it has been used before, but our yellow box is the target on this pairing ( 100 pips )

Plenty of bearish movement about at the minute, so this should be a nice quick trade.

Our purple arrows mark out where price has previously hit our support and resistance zone ( because we are nice like that and like pointing out the obvious ) ;p Actually this day and age need the obvious pointing out to them, Its probably all that tap water they are drinking! We call them the fluoride fed, As they are unaware the government are putting fluoride and other stuff in the tap water to dull your brain to make you stay in line! Bottled water sales are going to go up now hmmmmm I might run out and invest in Volvic haha.