Widow-maker Bullish To 133.00| 26th May 2020

OANDA:GBPJPY   British Pound / Japanese Yen
"When the dragon meet the balls,
make your wish..
-Zezu Zaza Webinar 6th May 2020

This is my favorite pair scalping and swinging. Most of the time, I do not suggest this pair to the novice traders.
I grew up with this pair. I do not traded EURUSD and USDJPY because it was slow in volatility . I normally used
EURUSD and USDJPY as a reference to other currencies only. I do not trade EURUSD and USDJPY because it is a
victim currencies. Sometimes yes when I see clear potential view but mostly I dont.

I also do not suggest GBPJPY to novice traders unless if your skills trading is professional enough. Only professional
traders and professional scalpers traded the widow-maker. When I wrote the diary, I do not sugar coated in my speech.
Truth is always hurt to hear but it good for you. Always sugar is sweet for us but it provide tooth decay in the long term.

Why people do not trade GBPJPY? I always gets a sceptical looks when I say I traded GBPJPY on others traders.
They always trade EURUSD and USDJPY and I always abide the EURUSD and USDJPY . You see it is different level
on the next level of trading. I do not trade victims currencies because I will be next victims to loss the money.
Every trading use US Dollar as an exchange. I dont want to put myself in or put my money into.
Be smart.

GBPJPY has the power. When I say power, it mean volatility . Yes I always agree to other trader that says GBPJPY is an
epilepsy currency. Indeed they are truth and I agree with their opinions. My first currency traded is GBPJPY . When you
used to trade the hard currencies and you make it, you will feel no thrills and challenges when you trade other currencies
which is slow in movement. I always suggest to my trader than 'always exercise your muscle train it with a heavy duty dumbbells'

Why? It gives you experiences you need. The tools to survive in trading. This is what my father told me when I was a child.
'Always train your brain with math and exercise. Brain is like a muscle. The more you pump your muscle, the more useful it gives'

The huge movement in GBPJPY rewards you but you need to be discipline,perfect timing entry and patient.

When I see the chart of daily, I saw an ice-cream.

This ice-cream is a sign of potential robust bullish movement.

Do you want to know and learn the ice-cream movement?

It is not a pattern but it is a movement.

I meet you at 133.00. See you at the top.

Thank you.

Zezu Zaza