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Following is a brief step-wise approach to the refinement I have applied to the Mr. Bill Wolfe's Wolfe Wave (www.WolfeWave.com) pattern.

Although in his introductory site (www.WolfeWave.com), Mr. Wolfe insists that no internal geometries needs to supplement this pattern, my encounter with this pattern came originally from a different angle, having discovered my own proprietary pattern (e.g.: Great White, Janus, Euclid, Alt. Shark ), as well as other occult market geometry concepts (nodes, nodules and euclidean modules).

So, I had no other fashion to look into this pattern but through the prisms that I had already been wearing since trading and dissecting market shapes, forms and geometries as I started back in 1997.

Concepts such as "Tunneling", "Geo-Anchor", Point-5 ectopia where simple findings that may or may not reiterate lessons or concepts that Mr. Bill Wolfe has shared in private programs, which I never had the chance nor desire to receive, lest I would lose the biases of my own methodologies.

So, let's delve into yet another discussion of this Wolfe Wave , whose point-by-point, and leg by leg analysis will also include simple Elliott Wave principles and bits and parts of my own geometries, despite the interdictions of Mr. Bill Wolfe who asserts that his pattern stands on its own two lines ... To some extend, I have to agree, but the refinements I have added won't hurt the novice and advance trader screening for optimal, rule-based approaches.

Also, as this price action unfolds, I will probably add new targets based on a separate Predictive/Forecasting Method.

Thank you for your readership and eventual contribution.


David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Durango, Colorado - USA


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David Alcindor
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01 JUN 2015 - Update: Target Hit ...

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$GBPUSD hit narrow-range target per forecast; 1-4 Line validation remains a pending event:

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David Alcindor
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Realisto_FX 4xForecaster
David, it seems 2 wolfe waves are in development, what do you think ?
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4xForecaster Realisto_FX
Hello @jpocalles - Yes, this is a very favorable set up. One aspect of the Geo is that the 2-3 Leg is typically a complex Double-ZZor Triple-ZZ (in terms of Elliott Wave internal wave constructions), and for this reason, it is not too far-fetched to expect that the 3-4 Leg is not a 3-4 Leg, but a symmetrical mid-point of the 2-3 Leg (i.e.: your current 2-3 Leg might possibly only be the half-way segment of the entire leg, such that Point-3 would reside a bit further.

The smaller Geo responded well to the Of-Set Rule, as price remains aloft the 1-4 Line, but did come into the zone of Point-4.

A departure above 1.53757 (recent high approximation) might take on the shape of an Elliott Wave impulse, pushing price to the level of your Point-5 ... Look for symmetry developing beyond this point, repeating the current 2-3 Leg (BLACK in your chart) morphology, across the current 3-4 Leg (BLACK in your chart) as a line of symmetry.

Thank you for your suggestion. This is a promising one.

David Alcindor