Basic Concepts of Liquidity

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Truly understanding 'why' the market moves through basic concepts of Liquidity

This basic analytical overview is derived from the institutional methodology used at Phantom Trading.
We use this institutional methodology commonly known as 'smart money concepts' in conjunction with additional pieces of confluence to utilise Liquidity around the factualities of the market.

Within the graphic is 'reads a story of transitional money flow' in a clear, concise manner based on a 'vanilla / utopian / textbook' setup.
At the extremity we can see the absolute 'swing high' creating a BMS (Break of market structure) followed by an impulsive continuation to the downside showing 'Bearish' Intent, the market tapping into demand & buy side liquidity has then correctively navigated back towards the previous swing high, printing what is commonly known as a 'double top' where several 'trading styles / types / characteristics' come into play - Front running 'Breakout traders' , Double-top' traders and the more patient Trend continuation', 'Breakout & Retest' traders. Knowing and understand concepts of Supply / Sell side liquidity around these levels we classify these as EQH - equal Highs as Liquidity is manufactured in these specific regions filling bids & offers.
Once we have 'swept the liquidity' above the EQH it provides us with additional opportunities to Short the 'asset-class'
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