⚠️ GBPUSD: strategic growth targets for April 19-23.

OANDA:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
✍️ According to the current CoT reports, the outperformance of buyers is up 35% from a week ago.
The overall market volume is up 3%, which confirms the true nature of the growth during the past trading week.
The nearest medium-term resistance level is the price level of 1.3843, near which the sell orders with the total volume of $86 million are located.
The main scenario is a break and fixation above the price level of 1.3843 and the subsequent rise to the market maker's loss level (1.3893).
With the formation of the pattern to sell near the price level of 1.3893, we expect a corrective decline before the closing of the trading week with the target, 1.3843.
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Trade active: ✍️ GBPUSD: unwinding the balance zone of the day! ⚠️ The nearest support level for the first working day of the current trading week is the lower boundary of the option day balance zone (1.3821).
The main scenario for today is the successful test of the mentioned support and further rise to the upper border of the day balance zone (1.3845).
❗️ In case of breakdown and fixation above the specified option resistance level we expect continuation of rise with the target benchmark - limit seller (1.3874).
Trade active: 💡 GBPUSD: refined forecast for 19-23.04.2021. During Monday, April 19, the weekly upside target,-marketmaker loss level (1.3898) was reached.
🔰 Currently, the price continued the momentum in the direction of the long-term trend on the daily timeframe.
The current long term upside target is a $21m limit bid at the price point (1.4117).
The intermediate upside target within the current trading week is the option level on the quote (1.4040).
🔥 During the second half of the trading week when the sell pattern is formed inside the resistance area (1.4040-1.4117), we expect the correctional decline with the limit buy target (1.3947).
Trade active: 🎯 GBPUSD: will there be a return to the market maker's comfort zone? ✅ During the first half of the day we expect to test the market maker loss level (1.3909).
The main scenario before the opening of the US stock markets is to reach the limit buyer level (1.3899) and the subsequent rise to the premium level of the weekly hedger resistance zone (1.3942).
🌐 On breakdown and fixation below 1.3909 we expect continuation of fall with the target,- balance of the week (1.3848).
Trade active: 💠 GBPUSD: when will the Brit return to the market maker's comfort zone? 💡 The market maker loss level (1.3907) was successfully tested over the past day with a false breakdown.
Today during the European trading session we are expecting the rise to the limit seller level (1.3950).
📌 The main scenario is the successful test of the mentioned resistance and the continuation of the decline intraday with the limit buy target (1.3888).
Trade active: 📉 GBPUSD: down to the balance of the week, what next? ✍️ On a rebound from the nearby option resistance level (1.3865), expect a decline to the limit buyer level (1.3821).
🌐 In case of pattern formation on purchase near the level of limit buyer (1.3821) we expect the rise till the trading day closing with the target landmark,- balance of the week (1.3849).
In case of alternative scenario,- fixation above the price level of 1.3865, the target growth in this case is the loss of the market maker (1.3909).
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