British Pound/US Dollar Update

OANDA:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
This is my view on the British Pound/ US Dollar from a weekly perspective.

I feel as though the tide is changing for the Sterling, FINALLY. The #1 indicator that'll never fail you is Price Action itself, and since we know this I'll share my thoughts as to why I believe it'll eventually head further up.

Confluence (3 or more):

1. GBP had bottomed out, but multiple touches dating back to October '16 on the $1.2132 level have been respected.
2. P.A. has formed the 'W' formation near the $1.2132 level from the weekly.
3. 1st touch of the zone ($1.2462-$1.2669) underneath current price was respected. Precursor.
4. Multiple touches have taken place with the O.B. ($1.3486-$1.3617) that's holding up price. Absorption.

What would you like to see happen now? I would love to witness more bearish momentum UNTIL P.A. reaches the $1.2462-$1.2669 area to then see if the flow of price reverse.

Let's say it did go down, but didn't "respect" it... then what? I would wait for a B.A.R. of that very level in order to short it to the next barrier.

Okay, what if price never reach that level below? That's when I would wait for a B.A.R of the $1.3046-$1.3082 area to long it to the next barrier.

I would anticipate price to go deeper into the zone below IF it happens to revisit, and there's some nice *profit margin* heading to the upside once that upper O.B. is absorbed. We shall see..

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