GBPUSD Bearish Impulse - Minor C

Lionheart-EWA Updated   
FX_IDC:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
GBPUSD is starting a Bearish Impulse in Minor C ( orange ).

Wave B ( orange ) is most likely a Running Flat.
However, based on Elliott Wave patterns, it could also reflect as an Expanding Flat.
But I don't think so.

I am going short on the Pound Dollar.

GBPUSD tech. Analysis:

* Elliott Wave: Ending Diagonal on Intermediate (C) (white).
* Running Flat in Minor B ( orange )
* Sep '20 Bearish Fractal
* 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement of Minor A ( orange )
* Up-Trend Breach
* Channel Consolidation

GBPUSD Trading Signal:

* Entry @ 1.2170
* SL @ 1.2500
* TP1 @ 1.1800 / TP2 @ 1.1600 / TP3 @ 1.2500

* BUY STOP @ 1.2050
* Aggressive Entry @ Market Price
* Moderate Entry @ 1.2320

*Safety Measure: when in the green, moving SL to BE.

Many pips ahead!

Richard, the Wave Jedi.
Trade active:
Small mistake:

* SELL STOP @ 1.2050

Not buy stop LOL ... :)))
GBPUSD started the Bearish Leg, a B Wave correction.

Trade active:
Added another SHORT on GBPUSD, at the 61.8% FR.

Short set-up looks promising.

Trade active:
Sell Stop active on GBPUSD.

GBP ready to pop soon.

Daily confirmed, just look up on the previous updates.

GBPUSD started the C Wave Impulse, for the B.

Placed another Sell Stop on GU.

Don't be afraid on this fake swing Richard, just short it again!