FX:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
MEGA SELL from here onwards, the chart displayed above is a zoomed out representation of the beginning of the year 2021. Notice how we just spent the majority of the year trading above 1.36461 up until 4 weeks back(I happily went long on 21/07 by the way). Fast forward to recent price of Friday 20/08 where £/$ violated the 1.3646 mark for the second time this year, there is heavy sell side liquidity resting below that pool of 20/07/2021. Seeing we're on the verge of entering Q4, we might see the sharks swim on the lower side of price following that there has never been a retracement from that immaculate bull run from October 2020 till present date. If we were to see a push upwards from tomorrow, I'd love to see ⩾100pips from current price (so 1.372xx is what I'd want to see as a peak before dropping). We have to wait for Monday to play it's role and show us something. I do however have other factors that I cannot include in the publish that are driving me to pursuit this short position... Stay safe, happy hunting!