Going Long for now!

FX:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
Possible fall to the 0.86 price at fib support. If this holds, there are number of possible of course, however I'll focus on 3.

1. Strong push north to the 0.618 resistance line, with a shallow pull back, which pushes fast up to the 0.382.
2. Up push zone moment to the 0.618, which a pullback fall all the way to the 1.28788 price mark, which should provide a enough upward strength to whizz up to the .382.
3. An up push zone momentum to the 0.618, fall back to the 1.28788 price again and then a slow moment back to 0.50.

An another additional option could be after we see the upward movement to the 0.618, the is a very strong fall to the 1.618. This could then give way to a slow upward movement for the much longer term.