OTC:GBTC   Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC)
Price is approaching top Bollinger band set on 80 verses a 20 daily SMA . Often the bands can keep price contained within although sometimes momentum can cause a break through the upper band. It will return to the interior of the bands at some point.

Target is D. ABC bullish patterns begin with an impulse wave up labeled AB. The BC leg is a retracement of AB. Hopefully price lands at C and possible stop below C or last level of support. You can use the magnet and project the AB leg up from C and this would be a 100% move up. Price does not always move 100% from C and can be a lesser fib level of the AB leg. Or it can move more than 100%. Targets are calculated using the AB leg and fib levels.

There is a pocket pivot not far under price (green triangle). Pocket pivots are a way to identify institutions' footprints within a base or an uptrend. Institutions buy within consolidation periods and during uptrends. This buying will leave behind a volume signature, and that volume signature is called a pocket pivot .

No recommendation.

Persistence and emotional discipline can be important. There may be tons of educated derelicts in this world (o: