Gold and Silver: Long term decline 'Time at Mode' analysis

COMEX:GC1!   Gold Futures
In this chart I describe the multiple time at mode signals and elements we can extract from price action in gold             and silver             , in monthly scale.
It's worth noting that there's a possibility of a long term decline reversal, specially evident in the case of gold             , where the 17 bar downtrend on chart has failed. Trying to take long positions from lower timeframes will be a sound strategy going forward.
I'll update this chart once we can confirm that the downtrends have in fact reversed. For the time being, being cautious, one can profit from daily, 3-day and weekly swings without much problem. Excellent activity and results during this 2016 that just began.


Ivan Labrie
Time at Mode FX
Comment: As soon as gold breaks above 1282, we could expect the uptrend to accelerate up.
I'm monitoring it closely, finding the right spot to go long will be extremely benefitial.
Comment: Seems like we have chances to long gold and silver lower, looking for the entry.
Silver close to 15, gold near 1190, or 1155.
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