The fall of the Soviet Union

FRED:GDP   Gross Domestic Product, 1 Decimal
The president of the Minneapolis City Council says the city’s Police Dept. will be dismantled and replaced with a “transformative new model of public safety.”
They vote friday. Council members have also shown support for ANTIFA.

"A tribune of the plebs assaulted on the steps of the Senate house! Can you imagine a more terrible sacrilege? Our beloved Republic is in the hands of madmen. This is a dark day, and I stand at a fork in the road. I can abide the law and surrender my arms to the Senate - and watch the Republic fall to tyranny and chaos. Or, I can go home with my sword in hand and run those maniacs to the Tarpean Rock!" - Julius Caesar.

Between 1990 and 1994 the PPP GDP per capita in the USSR (former states) dropped from over 14000 2011 USD to under 9000 2011 USD.
It bottomed in 1996-1998 at $8000.

Late 80s: Growing unrest in the member states, among other reasons growing inequality causing anger (so much for communism), divide, also price of Oil crashed dramatically in 1986, I don't think they were hedged (communists hate capitalism but they believe in markets right? I don't even remember, anyway they got screwed here). Free money is gone :(
Some revolts, some states electing different governments, not going to get into it...

1989: Revolutions in East Europe. The people of the USSR made a democratic choice for the first time since 1917 (the tsar had been replaced by dictators). Fun fact capitalist propaganda started as they allowed for the first time a non soviet channel to broadcast and push their own agenda: CNN . (LOL!). The USSR started getting more liberal. I wonder what rich speculator helped the collapse... Anyway, the 6 satellite states of east europe that weren't part of the USSR before WW2 left communism, Romania left communism after a violent revolution.
"An estimated 2 million people joined hands to form a human chain extending 600 kilometres (370 mi) across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which had been forcibly reincorporated into the Soviet Union in 1944 (they were not like the 6 satellite states but fully integrated in the union)"
No one knows or cares except a handful of historians what their cause was, it's so irrelevant lmao.
In some countries people made demands to secede from the union, they got arrested I think, then they were violent protests, the central government responded with force, which made more people want to secede. And like we are seing in Europe now, the initial protests in the USSR led to the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in China.
Minorities got hunted down, lmao virtue signalling didn't do them much good.

1990: Ukrainian became the official language of that country, russian it was no more (perhaps some cities in the US will take spanish as official language).
6 states voted for "evil ultra nationalists fascists" rather than the commies, and started removing some of their laws and making their own laws.
On May 29, 1990, Yeltsin was elected chair of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Gorbachev was general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he did not endorse Yeltsin. Even Russia was getting nationalistic.
On July 12, 1990, Yeltsin resigned from the Communist Party in a dramatic speech at the 28th Congress.
Soviet states voted their own laws 1 by 1, distanced themselves from the soviet communist party, some started a process of nationalist independance.

1991: Trying to keep it short enough. The whole process kept going. In June 1991 Boris Yeltsin became Russia president. And then Russia declared itself independant and Yieltsin denounced the dictatorship of the soviet establishement. So for those that were thinking the USSR was Russia conquering all the small countries and them wanting to leave well not really, Russia left first :D.
On August 18, 1991, concerned members of the Communist party in the military and government placed Gorbachev under house arrest. The official reason given for his imprisonment was his “inability for health reasons” to lead as president, though the public knew better. Leaders of the coup declared a state of emergency. This is called the August coup.
The deep state / communist coup leaders expected massive popular support but NOPE. They stormed the area around the White House. Thousands of moscow citizen came to the White House and barricated it. Boris Yieltsin Russia president exited the White House symbolically and held a bible - wait no he held the russian symbol so a tank, he climbed on the tank and made a speech which rallied opposition to the coup. Members of the coup refused to storm the barricaded building. Communist agents had not, or had not well, blocked signal around the White House so russian citizen were able to watch what happened via... CNN! (Their FOX news)
The coup failed in 3 days.

This does not sound like the USA at all! You got the communist news networks of course censoring events, but Fox news that is patriotic and pro Trump is showing it all and of course now you got social media even thought the big titans that have almost all the viewership for the most part control the narrative and can hide or discredic anyone that oppose the uprising.
It' all very similar but saying "we are here" for every detail is idiotic. Events are going to unfold, it will be very similar, but every detail and the outcome won't all be the same.
On August 24, so just after this, Ukraine declared independance. Strawberry forehead dissolved the commie central commitie.
And then a few weeks after this, every thing just went parabolic with every one declaring their independance.
December 8: accords proclaiming the USSR has ceesed to exist signed by a few states, then over the next 2 weeks the russian supreme soviet signed it, and other states. The states formed a loose commonwealth of states. Gorbie called it a coup against the constitution or something.

25 december 1991: Gorbachev’s resignation as president was inevitable, and on Christmas Day, 1991, he gave up his office, saying, “We’re now living in a new world. An end has been put to the Cold War and to the arms race, as well as to the mad militarization of the country, which has crippled our economy, public attitudes and morals.” The mighty Soviet Union had fallen.

Reminds me of the new millenia speech Yieltsin made "this is my present" or something. Putin next?

After this, GDP fell but it was inevitable I guess. Russian male life expectancy dropped dramatically (and so "mail order bride" services became a thing), the USA become the world super power and everything.

They have turned to a market economy after this, not going to go into the details.

Since then former states populations have lamented the fall of the union. Especially older people. Of course they weren't a super power anymore so they got bummed out but the super power status wouldn't last forever anyway.

Communists that made "we will win" calls are nowhere to be found. The "the US will collapse and the world will become communist in 50 years" did not age well.
And I hope they keep not aging well geez.

So now let's see how the USA thing evolves. I'll make some calls just for fun: Republic of California with the 3 states on the west coast. I don't know.
Maybe it splits into 3 big countries? Maybe they split into 50 and have some alliance or something but nah, some states are too small to be their own country.
And they hate each other too much at the moment. Republic of California + South states + North East states? That seems to be what makes the most sense.

"The main obstacle to a stable and just World is the United States or America" - George Soros, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror, 2006

Since the USA are the only super power, left unchecked, and they have world reserve currency status, they have been policing the world and spreading everywhere taking actions for their interests.

The USA are the USSR, West Europe is China.
In the late 80s early 90s China growth dropped, and so will West Europe, China then started a socialist market economy, opened stock markets, reduced poverty.
If the US go communist does this mean Europe too? o.0 We're already there anyway. Not the globalist woke bs.

The states of NA are going socialist (west & north east coasts), and if they split and become nationalist, this means national socialism? If blacks all migrate to sya california promising them free stuff and are national socialists, they could exterminate the whites. I don't think this is likely.

I don't really think that much we go towards globalism. There's the UN, things like that. The WHO has been criticizing China since the USA dropped them.
Soros is right, look at what the USA did to Iran. Huge Oil reserves but can't use them. Doesn't matter if they are right or wrong, they make their own choices, if they want a "supreme leader" that scams them, good for them. Alot of the terrorism comes from the hate for the all controlling super power.
Just build a wall and don't let millions of people in... Still fight terrorism with Europe & Japan. Making Countries poor so they cannot afford bombs does it work?
I think poverty makes them do more terrorism.

The USA have abused their status also via trade and more, and regardless of conspirators or not, the inequality is super high - cause by them abusing their status without giving back to the 90% - and the country got caught up by China. It wouldn't last forever.

Is it really such a huge deal if say the country splits? Doesn't change much... Look no one went and invaded Russia after the fall of the USSR. 3 United States can defend themselves np . I don't know if they can defend themselves from each other but from other nations np . Who's going to attack them? China over the pacific?

Influence will go down, cry me a river. Better than the mind controlling super power "think this think that support gay rights or we delete your country exports" americans themselves are tired of it. "Sanctions". Lmao the USA are sanctionning themselves now. Their economy is absolutely dead.

I've never been to the west and norteast coast, and if they split, I don't think I'll ever go there, yuck.

It should all unfold pretty fast over the next 3 years imo, but never know. I would like west europe to focus on itself and stop doing protests just because the US are.

And if the communists take over the USA, well then they just solved their immigration problem, no one will want to come kek .