GDS - How to do ANALYSIS from the BLANK CHART! 90% of the work!

NASDAQ:GDS   GDS Holdings Limited
Hey traders,

do you want to see, how to analyze the market? What are my thoughts behind the process? If so, then this video is for you.
Many traders think, that I only draw some lines or zones, but the truth is, that the analysis is more complex.
You have to understand which groups are participating in the market and which zones are attractive and WHY!

Entry based on some PRICE ACTION pattern is only 10% of the work you have to do.

I focus on the GDS stock, which showed relative strength compared to the whole STOCK market. Insiders believe that the bullish trend will continue. This two information gives the GDS right to be part of my watchlist for the upcoming week.

I hope you will like the analysis.

Good trading.