General Electrics - weekly

Long term forecast for General Electrics/GE.

Please watch this video:
"My investment in GE is 'one of the biggest mistakes of my career'"

Share prices of GE are correlated with global stock market crashes.

It means we just entered a phase of a global economic meltdown.

In short-term I expect price to move up then down however, in long term GE is going to 0$ or close to 0$.

Bottom of the financial crisis will be reached in ~2019.

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Trade active: "GE Slashes 12,000 Jobs In Troubled Global Power Business"
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Trade active: "General Electric shares drop to lowest level since July 2009"
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Trade active: Awaiting more downward movement.
Comment: Great call made 12days ago, now:

"GE shares post one of the worst weeks of the year, down 7%"
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Comment: Expecting the GE to move more down in the future, mainly because:
GE Cuts Dividend To 1 Cent Amid Huge Earnings Miss
Comment: General Electric slashes quarterly dividend to just a penny a share, starting in 2019
Trade active: "JP Morgan analyst slashes GE stock forecast to $6, lowest on Wall Street"
Trade active: Ken Langone: GE is a disaster - watch 2nd video!
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Trade active: It's just the beginning of the job cuts in GE!!

"General Electric to cut up to 468 jobs in France"
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Trade active: Trade is still valid, expecting more downward push soon!
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Trade active: I believe there will be more downward movement in the future months
Comment: Madoff Whistleblower alleges that GE is a 'bigger fraud than Enron'
Excellent chart - on both the GE collapse, ( and the comment reply to Long Gold in late 2018 )
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Simon_says noam_chom
@noam_chom, Thank you for your appreciation.

Let's say my friend has an uncle that works at GE - Switzerland and told me how badly there are organized. HQ from the US required job cuts in Switzerland, but the upper management didn't even know which project is profitable or not, which project has got a future or generates losses, so they even struggled with that.

In the case of XAU and XAG, I have a lot of both in coins and bars. Moreover, I'm planning to invest more money into that as my prediction is: gold ~8500$/oz and silver ~150$/oz just need to wait ~5 years.