GE Could Beat Inflation (Not Financial Advice)

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NYSE:GE   General Electric Company
Testing more lines...

These scenarios aren't applicable if GE has any monthly close below 60 USD.

Near term (<2 year) target would be at or before 100 USD. Long term (~3 year) target is at or before 120 USD.

But, this is only a test & not financial advice... More explanation if we do not close below 60 USD this month.
This is going too well like should have bought calls well.
GE had ~ 1 month of solid growth. It saw gains nearing 40% in one month.

If you took this trade, well done.

The targets have not been hit yet, and I wouldn't rule out some pullback until we (if we) hit those targets listed above.
Due to the GE Spinoff that took place last week-- first week of 2023-- this chart "looks" amiss; however, the trade is still going strong.

GE_(22) == GE stock during the year 2022 (the stock I wrote about when the idea was made). Thus, the targets listed originally were for GE_(22) which again were "at or before 100 USD" in the near term or "at or before 120 USD" in the longer term.

GE_(23) == GE stock post 2022 (after the spinoff)-- lets just call GE_(23) --> "GE" as that what it is now. We must translate my targets for GE_(22) into targets for the "new" GE.

GE_(HC) == the GE Healthcare spinoff. Shareholders of GE_(22) obtained 1 share of GE_(HC) for every three shares of GE_(22) that they owned.
Therefore, the relation between all these assets between the spinoff is:

GE_(22) = GE + (1/3)GE_(HC) where GE is ofcourse GE_(23).

So, using the open trading day price of GE_(HC)--- 59 USD (call it 60 USD), the new targets for GE stock go from $100 nearterm & $120 long term to $80 & $100, respectively.


Thus, as you can see the near term target (translated) is 80 USD. At last check GE stock is trading at 73 USD, so we are VERY close to the near term target.


The current trade remains at about 30-40% if you bought GE when this idea was posted. Fantastic returns in 3 months time. Compare to broader market in that time-->
NASDAQ up ~5%
DOWJ up ~10-15%

On a personal note, then, being up more than two times the broader market in a given time frame is something to be proud of.
GE did as prescribed
Trading at $91 which is well above the first target price and on its way to the second. What other stocks have done better than GE in the past 6 months?

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