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For less sensitive, I updated my chart and this is what DAX             looks like in a log scale.If Euro's low reaches 0.85 DAX             could run more above 13000 to 14000-15000. There is no "TIME" at all in the universe time is a kind of human feeling market targets could be achieved quickly by volatility . Be careful with YEN, some people are risking Japan so JPY is gonna to be risk.
Comment: This is what’s happening too. New data showed US core CPI rised from 0.1% to 0.5% in Nov. 2015 and I’m expecting more inflation lasts about 8 months from DEC. 2015. DAX is a time lagging index with DXY so it will hold and could reach a new high in daily chart before Mar. 2016. After that we will see a colapse because of higher inflation and stronger currecies.
Bear market will end in Nov. 2016 or Jan. 2017 and it could last longer if US economic isn’t showing any growth. Target is 8000 which is correcting the whole big cycle bull market from Mar. 2003. An easy way to watch when this will be bottomed by watching ECB easing plan is expanded not extended.
Comment: Looks like this is happening now, much earlier than I thought. Testing 200 weeks SMA could reverse soon.
Comment: Treasure of Federal Agency today said "JPY is moving good". For me it's a green light for JPY rebalance it's purchase value, a big rising soon. As negative correlation with JPY GER30 and SPX500 will drop.
The sky is falling. from Agents of shield. TV show series.
Comment: Strange but worth of looking XAUEUR vs. DAX. EU inflation vs. EU stocks (mostly Germany market)
Comment: Capital flow needs time to precessing the market...
Trading correlations has huge risks too.
Please do not follow us if you are not investment class traders.
Hope you have reliable trading strategy.

Wish you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Comment: Last meal guys...
Comment: I adjust fantastic four now, after comparing Nikkei225 and SPX500, GER30, UKX, the Nikkei may rise massively with EEM markets include China A shares market(also lower than 2007 high).
Comment: Above chart is a very long term cycle. It took 6 years consolidation before the final breaking. We could make a correction down to 15000 at first.
Comment: A warning guys, the weighted Yen may rise quickly to harm the indexes soon. It's unwise to hold FAANG and food/oil related sectors now, look at miners, basic chemical material, industry, banks too.
Comment: Neck line breaking like predicted before, but major correlations are changing. Let's see if China cloud survive this risk, like 1989...
Comment: Bullish with Yen's rising.
DAX rising will be followed by the Euro rising to be against the inflation till the later one reaches a top.
Comment: This chart has some futures now.
Comment: This is NOT a trading signal...
I think the problem here is due to a lack of the spirit of taking risks since 2014.
Image if we make it correcting from 2014 then we should've bottom in 3 years. An whole new healthy cycle should've begun now. The core inflation should've rose in 2014 and the stagflation situation is the key reason of our culture movements during 10 years (2014-2024).
The painful time is always coming with market corrections but as short as it takes, or saying we should've make it quick and short, that's volatility is an healthy state of the market.
But now it's a torture, a sickness in negative, an uncharted ( the word "uncharted" is very suitable for this situation because of it's invisible on chart) territory.
The thing is, will they make it quick or not now? Those stupid central banks?
Comment: It looks like 3 waves back to 10000 zone where may last 12 months. The SPX500 is slowly flat by the FRB.
Comment: Source: The squeezing has begun... ( May I say this's a show to make the stock market correcting, would you believe me?)
To be very clear, we don't trade news but pure technically.
Everything is already on chart, in 2years plus 2 months.
Comment: target 10800 in 2 months... may drop to 9969 during negative interests canceling on March 2018.
Comment: We’re warning investors that with gold squeezing lower the GER30 shall be following soon, with the huge hike from the FRB and ECB negative failure. The log chart is showing very long term trend line support from lower, where is the negative higher around 13600. Check the 20th. Dec chart for more details.
History must be respect, central banks who are thinking about negative interests will rise stocks forever, that’s a unresponsable assuming.
Not only the stock market will be falling but also the commodity market are sabotaging by the negative interests since 2015. This is causing 10 years culture revolution movement already. Many evils are coming from the revolution. A typical manipulation failure.
Comment: We've predicted DAX 3000 points falling 2 months before, this is awkward because EURUSD is a fail with negative interests too, DXY and SPX500 rising slowly with core inflation rising quickly.
Comment: GER30 and SPX500 both are correcting 10% soon. GER30 target around 10800 and SPX500 target around 2400. I hope they’ll make it quick or they’ll be tortured. (An unhealthy mentality status under the negative energy.)
The BOJ could attack the market or the Tax “buy news sell fact”, you name it...
Comment: To be clear, we don’t trade news, everything is on the title chart, 2 years plus 2 months ago...
Comment: Ok, honestly, if I would have a message to ECB, that’ll be:
Keep the negative interests and make it crashing quickly ( The first major wave up could be an impulse). Then recover 0% interests at the horizon around 10000, then the second wave shall come to drop it a little bit lower. After the second wave, it shall commence the major wave 3rd. of the 3rd. soon. You can make it quick, or make it a torture... looks like Draghi prefer the later one...
Comment: On 16th. July, 5 months before we've predicted a topping cycle of the fantastic four "GER30+SPX500+UKX+JPN225", now we are warning you guys:

It looks like an huge turn from the Japanese Yen money policy is coming soon... capital squeezing out from global stock markets, RISK OFF and carry trades also higher interests currencies will be bought.
This's making Euro dollar an awkward situation, Euro down, GER30 down, only inflation rises...
Comment: Here I want to tell you guys a basic rule of the harmonic patterns. The very long term harmonic pattern is a 99% sure pattern. The smaller time frame, the less successful possibility. If you follow the trend then a good harmonic pattern should be traded against the trend.
Comment: This's NOT a signal.
We've predicted that the China small caps are rising in a negative correlation with GER30. (China major index down with global markets but small caps up. Cina major market is following GER30 by mistake Renminbi's deposit negative interests policy) We'll publish this chart during Christmas in Chinese version.
Everything will be pay back if you cheat, remember this "never cheat". This time ECB cheated our human history, they're using European peoples future and they'll pay back soon. EURUSD down too, it has to be down for protecting this huge failure.
Comment: We've predicted a longest GER30 bear market in EU zone during 6 years in the future. Technically we should've run into the longest over heat phase with USA hikes until China hikes but I doubt that with a coward leader. Chinese people have patience but not many and will not be afraid. Need a deposit hike ASAP for helping USA inflations.
Comment: GER30 has used out of the market future with the crazy negative correlation's helping the EU zone stocks landing to the moon and doing harm to Chinese small caps and normal people. China is the EU zone's biggest target market, with this game harming many small people in China or saying consumers. GER30 shall fall inevitably. Also in "a single market" this will make SPX500 and UKX and JPN225 fall.
Comment: The harmonic patterns have some very specific numbers correlated, we don't draw patterns freely. With enhanced EW wave theory we can identify the very long term harmonic patterns with very high accuracy.
There're more invalid patterns in the short time frame trades, but it's still working if your trade it by numbers or saying by specific rules. But the thing is that machines can do the harmonic better than human and they have no emotions which may change your decision from fear. This's not right. So the enhanced theory will be our human's future and we'll NOT teach machines how to to it, or saying we should be against AI and we should be against quantum computer, culturely.
Comment: Eu zone's future is done from here by using out stocks future quickly in 3 years.
Comment: Inflation and stocks both fail and Euro dollar will not receive capital flow with its negative interests. EU zone's money policy is failed now. It's your bet, on the Euro dollar or the stocks or the inflation. The investment condition will be worse in EU zone.
Comment: Source: FXstreet
ECB’s Vasiliauskas: Now it's a good time to start QE end debate
The European Central Bank (ECB) Governing Council member Vitas Vasiliauskas was on the wires last minutes, via Reuters, making a scheduled speech in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Key Points:
Discussion about QE end will continue in 2018.
Now it's a good time to start QE end debate.
more added "The target has been done"
---------------------------------------------- a separate line here
Very funny, after my predictions? A little be late...
With core inflation is at the edge of abysmal fall and stocks overdraw EU zone's 6 years future, they're lying on your face that a success is done? Seriously?
Comment: Now if you recall the Brexit, for British people, it's a very wise choice that leave the "single market" where the fake rising is unsustainable. With EU zone investment condition worse, British common wealth and USA market should be much better than in the EU zone. There's no guarantee that Euro dollar measured inflation will rise or just flat, with EURUSD falling.
Comment: Now if you recall the end of year 2013, for inflation rising and DAX dropping, it's a very good time windows to hike in EU zone. We should have ended a good correction during 2 years and the USA hike should have made the healthy cycle begun already for all markets rising in next 4 years.
But now... EU zone has used out its 6 years future in the past 3 years......
Central banks must be audited from my point of view.
They planned the negative thing but they didn't respect the history trend line, they thought that the negative should've made the stocks rising forever, but nothing is forever... right? When the rising mirror reached the history trend line the huge rising should negative the rising into huge falling.
Truth is boring. Denis.Y.Y
Comment: Merry Christmas and happy new year!
History must be respect.
Comment: History will be respect back to 2007 high at the worst scenario.
Comment: We urge traders to leave stock market ASAP! We're here now!
Comment: It is beginning...
Sorry, wasn't me...
Comment: After a panic week with 10%-12% total corrections among those global indexes, our point of view is that:
The correction may have been over soon. This is a very very healthy move by new members of the central banks, especially by Powell.
Comment: Our suggestions here:
1; Do NOT sell your shares, now, traders need to hold for a bright future.
2; Our future depends on the inflation directions, it may fail but less likely.
3; The next week and next month are the key period for central banks actions.
4; We've predicted an core inflation breaking out soon.

Looking at a bright future, for last meal......
Comment: We've seen too many wrong charts on community ...... Let's see
Comment: Traders! RISK OFF mode!
Please leave stock market or hedge your shares now!
Please look back 2015 crashing. DXY may go down to 86.50 then rises to receive capital squeezing!
1; VIX above 20 again.
2; EA crossed 1.5800 EU zone inflation may go to -2%.
3; Renminbi's devaluation like the Aug. 2015.
4; China incident on March.
Scalpers in forex market should hold short term. It's enough to avoid this kind of risk.
Comment: Source: ESMA
The DAX should have some rising before the second correction coming in 1 month.
Comment: Daily chart is unreliable here. A little squeezing then recover to the top following with a second crashing.
Comment: Our suggesting has shown an EU zone core inflation synchronizing with the USA. We have a bad news today about EU zone is planning a tax from high tech company sale incomes. As predicted before, choose your sectors wisely. For many years capital appreciates the high tech sector from central bank money policy, now it's time to turn.
A global wealthy re-distribution has begun, like 100 years ago, culturally and inevitably.
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