Dear Tradingviewer,

This week, I offer my analysis of the movements of $GER30 during the week and my outlook for next week.
Have nice reading and be pleased to comment if you want.

First, some warnings:
Please remember that you can have losses while trading.
Thus, always trade with a trading plan.
I wanted to share this link with you:
It is a very interesting article. Moreover, you have also a complete free trading academy on this website in order to help you in managing your risk if you are interested in it.

So, what happened last week?
As anticipated, Monday was a selling day… but I was not thinking it would be such a sell off. I was anticipating a fall down to the green line but it continued down to the dot line. I will explain what I have done on the next paragraph.
Then, on Tuesday, $GER30 wait for Wall-street for a pullback and a calm return to 15700 on Friday.

This week, I mixed my strategy. At first, I continued my selling strategy, I sold my 3 remaining positions (1 on the green line, 1 on an intermediate resistance and the last one on the dot line). Then, as we broke the green line, I bought a position on the dot line and close it on the green line. Then, I went back to my selling strategy and took some positions.

My perspective for the end of next week are also a range, I think :
- 30%: $GER30 finishes the week between 15550 and 15900;
- 20%: $GER30 reaches back in the range 15412 - 15550;
- 30%: $GER30 falls under 15412 and stay under it;
- 20%: $GER30 falls under the green line (on the graph)
In my opinion, the red line (read my previous post) is too high to be reached at the moment.

What to follow next week?
Globally (still the same):
- Currently, Variant DELTA have not a real impact on the stock market;
- Inflation: the rise of petrol ($OIL to follow accurately) and other raw material -> It seems to stabilize, let’s wait for the data from next week.

Day by day :
- Monday: German Ifo Business Climate Index;
- Tuesday: US Core Durable Good and CB Consumer Confidence, IMF Economic Prevision - Deutsche Boerse results;
- Wednesday : GfK German Consumer Climate, FED Interest rates - Deutsche Bank, BASF results;
- Thursday: German Unemployment and CPI , US initial Jobless Claim and GDP - Volkswagen and Merck results ;
- Friday : GDP (Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Eurozone), Eurozone CPI - Line results.

I wish you a good trading week,

Please feel free to ask me questions, I will be glad to connect with you over the comments or by private messages.
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