GEVO - breaking out of its downward channel

Signs point to GEVO having broken out of its downward channel and beginning on a new upward sloping channel.

Test will be if it breaks downward out of the upward channel, resuming the downward path
I'm not a financial advisor and I'm not offering financial advice. Everyone should do their own homework before making any decisions!

Good luck and I'm always interested in what you think.


Thank you for the post, love GEVO but I lose track of it sometimes. I'm looking for a nice move after confirmation of that line it just broke through. Seems to be a nice demand confirmation increasing from the $7.42 move to the current levels. If it breaks back down the line, I'm thinking of looking to see what it does down around the demand level just under $8.00

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@rickhubbard10, Thanks for your comment. I have to tell you I got inspired after watching your weekly review video, and I now feel like a fan talking to a celebrity.

Thanks for doing those, I felt like I learned something and they helped hone my skills. In particular, it made me start to think about the stock movements in channels, which is how I came to the conclusion that it was on a path to break out. I now see channels everywhere! :-)

I'm interested in learning more about how you come up with the supply/demand zones and how you see that affecting the stocks movements.
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@dzygadlo, Thank you for the support! I'll look to put together a video this week going through my process from looking at a clean chart to identifying supply/demand and trend channels.
dzygadlo rickhubbard10
@rickhubbard10, I'm as giddy as a school girl! Looking forward to it.
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@rickhubbard10, Hi, I'm a big fan of GEVO. I tried to follow you and dzygadlo. But whenever I click the follow button, it always say ooops failed. I don't know how to fix it? I actually bought a lot of GEVO averaged at $13.25. Trying to buy more at next dip to average down the price further.
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@hikingsnowshoe, I appreciate the attempted follow - not sure what's up with that.