GLMD Breakout Stock Alert Update

NASDAQ:GLMD   Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd
$GLMD - Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd . - Ordinary Shares
Initial Alert Price: $3.67
Price High: $5
% Gains/Losses: 36.24%
(+18.29% More Than Expected)
Potential Stop Loss: $4.75

In today's trading, GLMD simply broke out on pure momentum without providing an press releases or news that would justify the move. We initially had a $4.32 Price Target set on this stock for a 17% Swing Trade on the stock while watching for if the stock could breakthrough those $4.32 Levels of Resistance. The stock did just that and reached a high of $4.85 providing an additional 15% on the trade with a total 32% Gain on the move.
If the stock were to consolidate and conduct a Resistance to Support Reversal, then we would see the stock trading between the $4.32 - $5.15 Price Ranges moving forward to potentially retest those $5.15 Levels of Resistance. If we do retest those $5.15 Levels, then we could potentially see an additional 10% beyond what has already been obtaining in profits.. #Breakout #Stocks #Trading #Investing #Alerts #StockMarket #Daily #News #Today