The battle for Gamestop

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
I don't believe GME is a coincidence, not with each arc of the story being revealed in such perfect symmetry.

See my last idea of an inner and outer symmetrical triangle breakouts.

Player 1: The Shorts. Hedge Funds, Mainstream Media and Wall Street Banks.
Player 2: The Longs. Michael Burry, Roaring Kitty, Ryan Cohen, Gamified Retail Traders and Apes in Spaceships.

This idea is a large symmetrical triangle pattern with two converging trend lines . The breakout price at $250 in August with an upwards target of $728 and a downwards breakout of 0.

The date lines are a T+21 cycle from DD found on /r/wallstreetbets and /r/superstonk.

Sun Tzu:
If it is to your advantage, make a forward move (Buy GME ); if not, stay where you are (Hodl GME ).
Move when there is advantage to be gained (Buy the Dip) and where this outweighs the ever-present risk of moving (covering shorts).

Trade active: Looking for a sign of reversal now to uptrend.


I really don;t understand how anyone can miss the cup and handle pattern from march 10th until today.
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iowjack baumulrich
@baumulrich, I'm still on TA 101. Stuck seeing only Triangles now!
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baumulrich iowjack
@iowjack, ok, totally understand. Triangles are good, but too easy to draw and thus not too reliable. You have to be very strict with those rules, otherwise you end up drawing them everywhere.

And to be fair, same thing goes with cup and handles for a matter of fact. They are very easy to spot and people point them out all the time.

Most important is how Volume and Price come together to make a pattern. This tells the real story. Always look for confirmation of patterns via Volume!
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