When Vlad (Robinhood CEO) Gave Away "The Secret" of Trading

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
The youtuber Andrei Jikh has long promoted Robinhood, until the whole GME thing happened when apparently he paused his promotions of it, seeking clarity about what happened.

Lo and behold, Vlad, the CEO of Robinhood, called him up.

As I may not include a link to a youtube video here, I'll just tell you to go watch the video by Andrei Jikh speaking with Vlad, the Robinhood CEO. The bit I'm referencing below starts at around 5 minutes and 20 seconds into the video.

Vlad explained how the GME weekly was a 5 stdev event, which he says is a 1 in 3.5 Million chance of happening (according to some research he mentions from Goldman Sachs).

He doesn't say it's was some major Support & Resistance area. Doesn't mention MAs, EMAs, RSI , Stochs, Fibs, Order Boxes, Triangles, M patterns, W patterns, cup and handles, or any other pattern. He mentions none of that voodoo TA nonsense that the scammers sell you, including exchanges that give you "free TA tutorials / courses / academies" and other kinds of TA scams, designed to make you feel smart while actually just getting you REKT!

He speaks of the Standard Deviations. That's what triggered them to shut off the BUY button. The mathematics. Not the "TA". The MAFFS! Not the witchcraft. Not the art. Not the ridiculous chatterbox theories from the peanut gallery. It's all about the numbers.

And anyone who was trading or charting GME using the BApig indicators at the time (the ones made by @balipour and his brilliant crew) saw exactly what was happening and would have had a higher probability of placing winning trades, thanks to the BApig indicators that calculate standard deviation of returns (aka: volatility ).

You can see it here clearly on this chart showing the BApig Expected Moves indicator, where it hit the 5 stdev on the Weekly TimeFrame , even pierced through it, only to close within it, before heading further down on the next weekly candle.

So to anyone here who is still using TA and has not committed fully to trading with Better MAFFS! Let this be a lesson! If you want to win trades: Trade volatility with the indicators from BApig! The Stats & Probability package or the All Together / All-in-One packages are absolutely the best trading tools available on TradingView.

This is of course entirely my own opinion and it's not financial advice or advice on how to prepare your salads or steaks. Do you own research. Really. You'll be glad you did.

Bulls win trades. Bears win trades. Pigs get slaughtered. Unless they use Better MAFFS! In which case, those pigs seem to win most trades, with virtually no (or at least far less) uncertainty.

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