NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
I couldn't help myself, so I did a little TA on GME .

It looks like we could consolidate and attempt to breakout of some sort of structure soon. It looks to be forming a descending triangle , which is typically bearish , but my whiskers are telling me there are too many factors and forces involved here for any amount of certainty.

The Fib levels give us an idea of a reversal zone on a pullback, and I generally consider the .5 to .618 area the reversal zone. I'll be hiding in the bushes and waiting to see if the top green support zone holds.

Here is the 30min chart for a little more detail.

This is an unprecedented situation, and I wanted to find as much objective reality as I could.

It's what werewolves do. Owhooooo!
Comment: Look at GME respecting the TA...so far at least. Owhooooo!

Comment: Looking for support...

Comment: Just speculating here. If it starts to form then I'll be looking for upside targets. Let's see where it opens at and go from there.

Comment: My tail is between my legs...looking for some structure.

Comment: I can't stop watching. Here is some hopium.