GME Clearance prices coming. My last post ever on GME

Not financial advice
I post so people can make sound financial decisions

I call it as I see it.. I'm unbiased.
If it shows buy i say buy. If it says sell i say sell.
I dont need any shills or fanboys on here proclaiming the gospel of the GME stock going to 1k or 10k. Cuz i could care less about what this stock does. I don't run to crime scenes with caution tape around it. I ask the neighbors what happened.

My history on these stocks and my post has proven true to this point. I could end of being wrong. I hope I am. I hate to see anyone losing $
So if you cant say nothing nice dont say it at all

Or saying these imaginary lines mean nothing
These lines hasnt steered me wrong yet .
look at my previous analysis nothing has changed.
Its a slow burn theory. Longer u hold the longer you lose
Marketcap is slowly dwindling lost another 500 million on tuesday
The people that invested their whole stimulus checks now have utility bills and rent due and cant wait forever for a 500% return and have to pull their $ out.
I hope I'm wrong I'm no hedge or shortie but I understand how these stocks work
Its not a new game.
It's been played hundreds of times before you just didn't have a forum board to talk about it before.
I wanna be wrong .
Support the legalizedhustler
Comment: Apr 12th 2021
Potential for a bounce here off of 158 to go to range of 180-205.
Just an update
It's a possibility
158 can't hold look for further downside and continuance as pattern suggested.
Comment: Came down to 140 and bounced off as speculated and noted in the writings on chart.
See if 140 Holds. Lost another 1 billon + off Marketcap .
Still in price suppression mode.
Lower and Lower Highs
Unless something tells me different.
Entry 95-105 Range.
120.00 is the last good range of support.
Slow burn


"My history on these stocks and my post has proven true to this point. I could end of being wrong. I hope I am. I hate to see anyone losing $
So if you cant say nothing nice dont say it at all."
- sounds like someone who can't take criticism.

Hubris. The fact you think you can channel astrology on this specific stock is borderline laughable. Tell me. If institutional ownership is 130% and GME is the most traded stock in the world (or at least one of them), how can it be this low? Nobody is selling, nobody is budging. The biggest sell off I have seen is a measly .06% on the retail side from the bloomberg terminals. This stock defies ALL logic. INCLUDING yours.

Supply and demand ALONE should place this stock in the thousands.

TA, for GME, is the dumbest shit.

I'm sure you have lots of experience and lots to teach about TA, which I am happy to learn. But for GME? Nah. Too manipulated, too fucked with. You can't see thorough the smoke.
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GratefulGains mattyraff
@mattyraff, my man, theres no reason for attacking someone. This dude post all his stuff, puts his opinions out there, and also gives feed back when asked questions.

I think you posting your opinion on the movement on GME based on some DD is fine, but Legalizedhustler Sticks with TA and thats what he does.

I think we can learn a lot from each other and help each other gain money.
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Legalizedhustler GratefulGains
Thanks for the kip up my man.
Yeah it don't matter how many times i say invest what you believe in or my reasoning why I post on these stocks. You always have people come out who got 2 emotionally invested and no rationale is ever enough.
There a reason it trading as it is but there no reason for me to write an essay on why this is.
The user that attacked me and many others has been known to troll the GME forums and attack so I don't worry about it. It's clearly seen he wants to be heard.
You know i always say if it's a buy I say buy a sell I say sell. My money better spent in crypto.
I'm already on the moon. And been on the moon lol.
And we continue to be.
Thx again my man.
mattyraff GratefulGains
@GratefulGains, @legalizedhustler

#1) I don't give a fuck about my money, why do you think I held THROUGH 485? I have invested an amount of money that I can live with out. I bought more yesterday, and I will be buying more today once we drop more.

#2) I give a fuck about quality DD and quality TA and correct information being circulated.

#3) If I feel someone is putting out shitty information, I will call them on it. This includes opinion based on TA.

#4) ALL BEAR CASES ARE WEAK AF. I actively look for bear cases with the same attention to detail, numbers, and interpretation. There is none beyond dumb fucking TA, opinion, and ExPeRiEnCe - If these people actually had experience and actually had a fucking brain, they would see why GME is actually a nobrainer.

#5) There is INSTITUTIONAL OWNERSHIP ALONE OVER 100%, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY THINK THIS CHART IS ORGANIC? Show me another company who has had over 100% of their shares purchased, and the stock didn't moon. Don't worry I'll wait. Do you understand what supply and demand is? Do you understand that when 100% of something is purchased and held, the resulting scarcity drives the price up. Yet here, this is not the case.

#6) It is VERY EASY for people to just cop out as you both have. Yes, Trolling other subs, overly emotional. Yes. Totally

#7) TA is important on every other stock, but if you think for a second you can predict this movement LONG TERM, you are wrong. Dailies? Sure.

#8) Crypto is very easy to invest in because it's a growth industry in general and you will usually end up right.


#10) I am adding @legalizedhustler to my list of people that I will come back and either apologize to, or you will never live it down on this site if it pops. You can expect an apology Mid June as that is my current timeline for my thesis. I hope you are right for your sake, I can't imagine how that would feel being wrong about the biggest thing to potentially EVER happen in the stock market.

#11) Its funny how many people all of a sudden care where I invest, so long as it ISNT GME. I have never seen so many articles telling me to stay away, nobody in the history of the stock market has EVER cared about preventing bad investments. LOL
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wtf2021 mattyraff
@mattyraff, How do you feel about his analysis now??
mattyraff wtf2021

Its funny. Nothing has changed. The chart changes but the DD hasn't.
Are you using the break of that trendline to say this clearance is what comes next? What if your trendline is wrong? If you zoom in to the 30 min chart you will see your trendline only has two touches, its not actually a trendline and more of just a line. Better to use support and resistance. Break below 165, bearish. Rise above 203, bullish. It is in a bearish channel yes, but really has just been ranging and consolidating since the 25th of March. Price is literally in no mans land. How this consolidation plays out determines the next big move but I don't think anyone can say for sure if where its going just yet, I did just buy though. Could be huge upside if things work out, and 175, 165 at the lowest isn't much downside. However a breakout of this wedge and I measure a move to 230 -240 area. Check out this chart. The price wedging along with rsi wedging. Could see a breakout by the 12th, maybe the 15th but I made a similar chart on AMC and that one shows the 20th at the latest for a big move. Not saying you're wrong, but might be worth it to wait and see what happens.
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Legalizedhustler javanbarker
Nice chart. I enjoy all analysis.
And what I mean is I drawn up my previous analysis not sure of date
But once it breaks down on the daily close. That generally dictates the movements . Yes I can see where 160 tries to hold and bounce back up to 180 range and I could of drawn it that way. As u mention similar to AMC which its performing the same and doing as expected . and I anticipate this will do the same as well.
Of course i can be wrong. That's the beauty of analysis and different viewpoints. Appreciate your insight
My only hope is they see charts like mine and yours and that individual comes up with a sound financial decision.
225 is key for any future upside.
But IMHO its playing out just like a classic fear and greed stock. That's me speaking . thats not rule or law.
Just what i see. The false hope stage or should I say
Smokey " You playing wit my emotions man" stage.
Wanting price to come back to 300+ but slowly losing the grips.
I appreciate your feedback and insights.
Much love to you. Wish you well in your trading.
Again i appreciate back and forth. What makes tradingview wonderful.
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I feel like your assessment is accurate. I think others are emotionally invested and maybe missed the huge opportunity that was experienced with GME before. They are hanging on to the hope that lightning will strike twice.
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I'm actually looking for a bounce here maybe a drop back to 145-150 then a bounce to 175-185 range a spike to 200 possibly before it's starts back down again.
But that April 16th date everyone hyping up may change everything. I don't know. And personally I don't care what this stock does. I'm just watching along with my popcorn from AMC as I watch that one as well.
And NIO and LI and all these stocks.
The witching event was hyped up stock fell to 120.
Hiring of New CEO was hyped up. Stock price fell.
Then heard holding 200. Price fell
Then heard it's holding 180 Price fell
Now let's see if 150 can truly hold as a support.
It's like justifying being in a bad relationship.
You keep finding more reasons to stay in it til you realize you need to ball out.
But it'll be legendary if this stock does defy the odds and moon
Guess we find out.
It's fun to watch and learn from tho. So we all can become better traders and investors.
Wish you well in your trading adventures.
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