Game Stop: Game Over

NYSE:GME   GameStop Corporation
  • weird finszes/bookz
  • everyone fomo cuz of upcoming insider tarders (?)
  • closeds lotta storeds
  • you cant captalize yours cakesa nd expensive it too
  • franchiz owned stores, neva closed to cornoa, neva closed eva for ode reasons (looky at ppls say, hey bro, it was snow in and ppls say to come in to work? why pepel do that? answer: cuz moni tite like last nite)
  • hur dur uses games... nobody cares everything online buy sell everything but... how much revvys come from thats again?!
  • but b-b-bro, dey sell otha stuffs like tele and games cubse. and they own kurturkur?!
  • no combat amphibians games

Think about the future.