The art of technical trading..!

GOEV plays made easy
You have the price channel and time cycle, what else do you need to make good trades? (buy and sell)
this is an example for my masterclasses..!
Comment: I just close my puts with +415% gain
Trade closed: target reached: This is not analysis, I just turn it to Art
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why close the trade here? lots of money to be made. I'm up over 1,300% trading in & out of this name.

So, you got lucky on their earnings, don't let it get to your head. Too bad you don't actually disclose trades on the charts, because that's what the software is designed for. As a result, hard to believe anything you say here
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After this, I found a sine wave in RKT! You really are inspirational. I published it if you want to take a look. :)
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great analysis, stopped me from buying high! but now I'm long! thanks.
Wow, Mosh. You mush have a time machine... LOL
spam. this account is only trying to amass followers. No price targets, no constructive setups or stakes in these names. Oh, that sine wave doesn't even hold up on this chart. Trash analysis. Wake up people.
Moshkelgosha moveforward01
@moveforward01, this account belongs to the best GOEV analyst with full profile and picture, more than 4150 followers, and +700 analysis..! what about you??? joined trading view 8 days ago! no profile picture, no analysis no follower!!! you are Nobody dude!!! ;-)