TVC:GOLD   CFDs on Gold (US$ / OZ)
Technical analysis: from the M30 point of view, the Bollinger belt shrinks, and the gold price is in the adjustment stage. Once the shrinking state is over, the Bollinger belt will open its mouth and there will be a big market. From the MACD point of view, the gold price has a greater probability of falling again. From the H4 point of view, the gold price forms pressure in the middle rail 1700 of the Bollinger belt, with strong pressure at the top 1715, support levels 1690 and 1670 below, and early trading focuses on whether 1700 is breaking through and stabilizing, not breaking through and stabilizing 1700. Gold price will still fall, trading suggestion:
1, gold price can not exceed 1700, trade sell order, otherwise buy
2, gold price can not fall below 1690, trade buy order, otherwise sell
3, gold price trades sell order at 1715, gold price trades buy order at 1670