Stock market could go down 80%? That's not the worse, not close.

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Be warned, this is going to be gloomy. Well gloomy for unprepared people with a family and that cannot easilly move.

As I predicted, things have kept getting worse with populism and all this.
We are at a point where people are openly calling for the eradication of Trump supporters, the extermination of whites because "they're all NAZI with concentration camps" (self-awareness of zero here).
Well, white men in particular, as I said, they need a small enough percentage of the population to hate. All whites would be too big. So "straight white men that aren't changing gender".

It strikes me as unlikely that a complete full blown big civil war will explode is that the average american is so overweight, lethargic, disconnected, careless, blissfully ignorant, it seems unlikely to me that he will get away from his video games and start rioting and fighting.

But at the same time, during the US revolution, only about 10-15% of the population did anything, and that is all you need.
And when things get bad enough people that don't care will start caring.

As far as I know the US has not been this divided for over a century, and these people simply hate each other.
People on the left openly calling for extermination of the right, and hundreds of thousands of likes... Pretty clear here...

If in 2020 the left gets to power there will be a great depression, and probably people go more and more to the extreme (left).

If Trump is re-elected, there will likely be a recession (the negative rates QE situation can't be sustained realistically without bad consequences for another 5 years...), people associate him with the free market, and they will blame capitalism and the right for the recession (remember: people are stupid, and never learn).
Just like in the 1930s.
People REALLY are stupid and never learn, this is not a meme or some elitist talk, it's just the way things are and always have been.

So either way...

The socialists of america are now pretty much as big as they have been in almost anyone lifetime.
They are bringing back ideas from the 30s already. Literally word for word Goebbels & Stalin quotes.
Instead of blaming jews for everything, it's straight white male.
Instead of hearing "international jewery conspiracy" you hear "white patriarchy conspiracy".
Exact same ideas, only a few words change. Same formula as usual.

1 difference: the people they want to exterminate have guns. Alot of them. So good luck here.
Makes you wonder, how come they are so eager to disarm these people? "To stop mass shooting for greater good". Ye right.
We keep hearing stories of "damn racist whites" killing people or "aggressively smiling" (didn't make that one up) and then finding out it was actually a leftist, and then the story gets dropped/buried. Go figure.

The usual people profit from hate, not just politicians thirsty for power (dems were using hate of black people and mocking the rep. for supporting them 150 years ago, now they use hate of whites to get black voters oh how ironic): Media. Throwing fuel on the fire to get views. Disney. They used to make fun of blacks because it was popular, now they belittle white men because it's the popular thing to do now, their stories are awful, they don't need a story, just be racist and sexist, you'll even get free publicity, and if anyone criticizes your garbage movies + killing the lore? Just call them a racist and a patriarch.
Lmao just a few years ago Disney was all "ye we are sorry for being racist in the past but we really changed". Riiight. I hope they end up banned. Over. Disney to zero.

It won't get better imo . 1 big reason, other than the coming recession. All kids are going to university now because "they have to" (what a joke).
And these places are overrun with marxists bolcheviks and all the filth that the west fought so hard to keep away.
Young people are very gullible!
All these gullible peons get their heads filled with all kinds of poisonous ideas from people in authority "that kinda make sense when you don't think too much about it and are intellectually dishonest".
And also, once 99.9% of people learn something, they really have a hard time letting go of it, even if they find out it was wrong.

So what worse than the market collapse, a civil war, could happen, maybe?
I see 2 things possibly:
- The fall of the west. What the west stands for, all its values, are now held in contempt by "mainstream" (media + majority in big cities): personal liberty/privacy, freedom of speech, capitalism, equality for every one (discriminating people to get equality of outcome is unarguably NOT equality duh), etc. Also btw eventually technology stops evolving and even devolves.
- A nuclear winter...

I need to add that in Ireland 10Y yields have just gone negative. In Denmark, a bank is now paying people interest for picking up a morgage. It keeps getting worse.
You cannot trust fiat currencies, OR cannot trust them for much longer.

There really is a drop in IQ also. It's gloomy but at least we can laugh a lot.
"Hey? You know how we will get rid of racism? With more racism!"
"Hey? Fiat currencies are untrustworthy and manipulated and only backed by a promise by the government and have no intrisic value, you know what the solution is? Fiat currencies that are EVEN MORE untrustworthy EVEN MORE manipulated EVEN LESS backed and have even EVEN LESS intrisic value! Gooo cryptoss!" Lmao I am sure your cryptos will be worth alot in a global totalitarian socialist regime.

Well, if the west falls, then... they will confiscate all that you have anyway. At least you'll get free stuff and won't really have to work. Venezuela had 10 VERY prosperous years before their stupid ideas caught up with them and they started starving. Sweden has not yet collapsed. In the case of the USA thought, well idk... Things are already pretty bad on that side.
But at the same time, when the socialists of germany in the 1930s came to power, the economy recovered in only 2 years and everything was bright as long as you were not a homosexual or jewish...
Hopefully europe is safe. And people loving outside of big cities aka not like sardines, that own properties (and would like to keep it that way out away from the hands of the government) own guns. A socialist government won't just be able to pick up white men and lock them up, or let migrants poor in and rape go up 50 fold like in sweden.

Bonds are awful government or not.

So I got to say, all I see is:
- For the world outside of countries with socialist risk: get gold and property (careful with excitement if there is a speculative bubble), I just do not see what else can be trusted.
- In the USA: Oil your guns. Get PHYSICAL gold . In a safe. Maybe silver too. Properties of course too. Cannot diversify more than this there aren't other options. Bullions, guns, guard dogs.
- In Sweden, Hong Kong, Denmark soon maybe: RIP. Sorry. I have nothing positive or hopeful to say so I won't say anything.
- For all: Now is probably early, but if lunatics get to power in your country state or union/federation (how do we call it?), if possible store some lasting food. A farm at leats small one is great, and also a bunker, better safe than sorry. Bunker, farm, tin food, water bottles.

So to sum up my long term view.

I am preventively "short" on:
- Freedom
- Equality
- Stock market
- All currencies with no intrisic value
- Capitalism
- Technology
- Obesity

I am "long" on:
- Guns, if legal where you live
- Physical gold (and silver )
- Property
- At minimum a small farm
- Canned/non perishable food
- Bottles of water
- A bunker

I want to end saying that there are currently a few people that live in California that are in the process of moving to Texas.
Aug 18
Comment: Good. Good.
Every thing is goign according to my plan.
Things are moving even faster that I hoped.
Portland public space is now filled with protesters from each extreme, as well as heavilly armored and armed police forces. It is looking like Honk Kong.

I am delighted. GOOOOOOOD.
I see great profit.

Let's see if there will be an opportunity to buy and hold armament shares.
The only one I really know is the french one, Dassault.
Have walked by their HQ so many times, feels like home.
They're one of the biggest worldwide ones too.

Let's see where this goes...
The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.
Yes, this is America... I hope that capitalism as we know falls... and on matter weight the things are the way they are. Yippy just can't invade continents, make them starve, rob their sources and left them unable to settle educational system. What can you expect from people then? They have no wisdom, all that's left are primal instincts and zero knowledge. We have Europe flooded with immigrants but it's the ours ancestors cause. Capitalism is indeed to blame. Greed...

the ones that wants to protect themselves and their families with stacking property and food. How can ever be possible to share common sources evenly if some thinks this predatory evolutionary way? There is enough for everyone's need not for everyone's greed.

We are finished here. Transhuman will arise. Duck this human egocentric ego, this society. I am fine to die. Cheers
@MrRenev Sadly I have to agree with your analysis, except that I think Crypto is a real asset with Promise but only those coins that can be inflated and have good projects. Our only choice is to buy lots of guns and hang on. There will be an awakening moment and the good patriots of this country will have to be ready to fight , when the time comes.
the planets already cooked man, we have cocked over the atmosphere way beyond any shot of repair, 2 generations tops, All Life gone. Seas can no longer sequester co2 and as of right now ( if all combustion of fossil fuels and consumption of meat products stopped today) theres enough backed into the system for a guaranteed 150 foot sea rise.
What makes you think that?

Try an opposite viewpoint,
The planet is coming out of a mini ice age, global warming is a normal, natural process.
Weather is becoming weirder because of climate manipulation. (yes, it's been happening since the 1960's)
Persistant con trails (chemtrails) are seeding the skies for the HAARP to irradiate, causing hot spots and altering weather patterns.
CO2 is a harmless gas, mankind is responsible for less than 2% of the total amount.
I totally agree with you, that is why I moved to Chile in 2014, and started a Real Estate Development for like minded folks who understand what is happening: .

I also took my suburban home in Arizona and replaced the whole Yard with edible food. I can now produce 70% of my own food, and pretty much 100% of my own Fruits/Veggies.

I began prepping in the United States, and also began building a 2nd life in Chile so I have options.

Chile's National debt is not bad yet.. 23% and the Socialists are about a decade or two behind the U.S.

Also really good demographic trend.

I got my roomate to buy a ton of survival food a couple years back, but even with that I assume he and the rest of my friends in the U.S. do not care, do not think anything bad will happen, so there is no urgency at all to prepare. Only my Expat friends here understand what is happening.
I agree things will get worse before they get better. We also have a demographic nightmare upon us. Anyone who thinks whitey isn’t being made a scapegoat probably hasn’t paid attention to what’s gone on and still going on in S. Africa. How’s the water and produce supply working out there?

On the other hand, I don’t think there’s as much racial discourse as the media depict. They’re paid to put out a narrative. I know white people aren't supposed to point out their black friends, but most of mine and just about every other one I associate or come into contact with is pretty cordial. I don’t live in lilly white suburbia, but I also don’t live in S. I stand open to evidence as it’s presented in my daily experience.

Agree on diversification minus crypto being a Ponzi scheme...but I also haven’t bet the soon to be annexed farm on it. All paper money is a claim on real wealth. No argument there.

BTW, that movie about hunting deplorables that just got pulled - the deplorables win in the end. Don’t lose hope or let the narrative sour you to your fellow man. We are our brothers’ keepers.
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This is what dumb people think smart people sound like. What a nutjob. Yeah, us straight white males have it soooo bad. How dare anyone else want their fair share!
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Drawing a picture to fill a narative you want to play out based on personal bias. Isn't that what all the best technical traders do?
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