Still long from 1840 half banked at 1940

TVC:GOLD   CFDs on Gold (US$ / OZ)
Gold took a dip today back to fill the gap from sunday open at 1900...This was kind of to be expected... Gold nearly always fills gaps.....I took a small long trade again at 1900 with some of the profits I had banked at 1940 and quickly moved stoploss to entry as it rose back up so if I come out of that trade I lose nothing. Aldo my stoploss is at entry on the other half of my original trade at now I have 2 risk free trades on and some nice profit banked...I still think we will hit 2000 with a little time. Dems are in senate and presidency so more than likely more stimulus and fed are staying accommodative...many economies in lockdown and deaths still rising from covid around the world. Just to be safe I will probably take profits from today's small long taken at take profit 1950.....but I will leave the half trade from 1840 run for hopefully big profits at 2000.