Fantastic opportunity!

TVC:GOLD   CFDs on Gold (US$ / OZ)
It is a fantastic opportunity to buy gold at around 1820. The market for gold is a a market with huge upside potential because of the enormous amount of liquidity, which has and is coming to all markets.
We might see gold consolidating a bit, however, USD must inflate at some point during to the massive increase in supply.

I will definitely go big on this one.
Comment: We are getting close now to enter
Trade active
Comment: I am closing now. This does not seem to hold. Bugger
Comment: if you are in. move stop to break even. I sadly closed. Should have trusted my analysis.


Would recommend taking long positions now, or wait for a bit?
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Adamsb cheeracereed
@cheeracereed, I would wait till the market goes down to my order.
gold is going down -_-
@Zied_Bn, No shit, it was going down at a fast rate but now it's starting to slowly go up which means it's about at the trough, would buy now and sell around 1900
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