5 Possible Warning Signs

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1. Gold
Historically, Gold and Silver crashes weeks before market crashes. This is because of a big rise in the dollar. Silver is heading to 25 and Gold to 1675.

Snapshot of 2008:

Snapshot of 2000:

2. DXY and Inverted SPY
DXY looks bullish and heading to 95 then 100? On Jan 7th 21 we saw the dollar stopped going down and stocks continued to go up. In early 2021, We saw interest rates rise and keep the dollar from falling.

3. TLT
TLT is gaining a bid along with the dollar. TLT and DXY are the two best risk off assets.

4. Lumber
Lumber crashed

5. Euro

Its best to see which direction these assets go before making your next big move or not.
Comment: Found another reason LOOK: 30 Year Yield and Yield Curve
Comment: Everything is rolling over