The boomers didn't have enough kids trend

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The london area and some countries are ordering millions of body bags.
They are super bearish . At the bottom. As usual.
Covid is over. There were 2 deadly waves and there won't be a third.

I hope I'm not offending anyone too much. I know that to big brains going against the fear narrative - which changes everyday - makes you a conspiracy theorist that believes jewish lizards control the world.

I believe reptilians control the world and this is my right.

Look at this chart:

Do you not think that governments are ran by reptilian brains because I think they are.

They made illegal buying masks and told us they were useless.
Then they forced us to wear masks and used strict police repression to enforce this rule.

They locked healthy people at home, even in middle ages they didn't do that.
Scientists proved it was useless AND showed that for the first time ever,
entire families (locked together) died!

They are always wrong about everything. They are reptilian peasants.

Covid passes, just like retirement reforms, are rules made by boomers for boomers.
And these rules apply to everyone except the police and military. Democracy.

It's like literally everyone is ultra bullish on covid but they are all wrong. This is the top.
They are going to panic with the violent 2023 flu pandemic but it's just the start of wave 1 in the new uptrend.
And 2022 will be "back to normal hurrah".
After 1 century of exceptional progress, S&P growth, life expectancy, the trend will reverse.
Good times create weak men etc. These weak zombies will panic it's going to be funny.

When a very violent bubonic ebola plague hits it's possible that the zombies get the zeal of the convert:
They believed in covid fear, they will change their mind once it's over and they slowly learn restrictions were for nothing. Redpilled.
And so, when the plague hits they will brush it off. I'll be in my bunker in the middle of nowhere watching natural selection take its course.

Deaths will actually go up for several reasons:
- Massive obesity, in particular in the young (that are getting older and fatter)
- Massive old population with very little replacement

And also:
- Weak chinned low T drug addicts
- Hypocondriacs with weakened immune systems
- Being stuck at home and other small reasons

Medical institutions have done a lot of campaigning to get people to avoid using antibiotics all the time.
Some fear penicillin resistant bacterias pandemics and mutants. This will not happen, not on a large scale.
Bacterias have been at war for BILLIONS of years. Using penicillin or other antibiotics for millions of years.

Zambia is a country with a population of 15,000,000.
The west stole almost all their doctors. They had 1600 and that number dropped to 400.
This obviously really screws the country beyond belief but a few thousand doctors for the west is not enough.
They have a few hundred per 100,000 and as the population age they will need more, perhaps as much as 500/100,000.
But their doctors are retiring, so the number goes down.
In France the number now is 330, stagnating, but the number of patients is going up.
And that 330 number will decline.

France alone might need 100 doctors by 100,000. So in total 67,000 doctors (the population is 67M).
That is more than 50 times the number of doctors that were stolen from Zambia.
And that's France alone.
Plus the "brain drain" has been going on for decades so Africa has little left to leech.
Maybe they are now letting in refugees because they hope some of them will turn into doctors?
For context at least 70% of refugees are women and children.

The revolution already started, but during the 2023 flu pandemic where thousands of old people are waiting in makeshift beds in tents because hospitals are full, and the government runs out of options (they might lock people at home again, out of despair again), a hard paradigm change will be necessary.
There are a lot of variable. For example if the anti covid injections have side effects, pharma companies, that already have scandals way too often, will lose the public trust. And the biotech period will not happen, or be delayed, or be very secondary. We are changing of paradigm & period (50-75 years), but also of era (200-300).

The period in France is 1968-2021 so 53 years. Or you could say since the 1946 NWO, 75 years. It is not an exact science.
The past 50-75 years was the period of neo-liberal pleasure seaking, tech religion, etc. It's ending.
That was for the period (50-75). The era (200-300) is industrial revolution/wageslavery/capitalism/socialism.
We were born just in time to witness some of the greatest change in history. Worth it.

All of Africa does not have enough doctors and nurses to take care of the hundred of millions of obese and old patients. Not even close.
The only half valid hope is technology but it won't magically save people.
Deaths will go up, like it or not.

And governments can crush revolts, but they can't crush the underlying fundamentals.
If Louis XVI had put an end to the tax revolt of 1789 (Like Macron put an end to the yellow vest tax revolt), monarchy would still have ended.

The trend, and what to expect is clear. I believe not 1 in a thousand knows this.
It is mathematically impossible the welfare state continues, government guarenteed pensions will vanish.
And it is mathematically impossible that our generation (Z to X) lives better than boomers.
For the first time the kids will not be better off than their parents.
Not only that but even much worse off.

I will add another call, gold , easy one:

I hate explaining the obvious but I have the intention to throw this at the face of dum dums.
Here I am so clear even a zombie should be able to understand:
Months ago me said covid-19 wave was over, and me said if other wave it would be other variant. Which was the case. That call aged well.
Now me say covid deaths any variant is over. I no care media say "ooga booga many case". Me say death spike covid any variant over. No more big spike.
No third deadly wave. Understand? Death. Not case. Regardless vaccines. All country same.