NASDAQ:GOOG   Alphabet Inc (Google) Class C
This is an update to the chart

We have added some of the shorts and longs that we identified for our clients since the last update and the levels are shown on this chart.

Note the price action at the VAIL. Even after the huge drop after the earnings report fiasco, note that the price closed exactly at the top of the entry range for longs. A nice bounce ensued which was extremely profitable for call buyers, up ti the next VAIS which has already reached the 1st target and we have identifies the second target on the chart. Note also that price has not been able to close above the original top of the long entry range since the second test of the level. Keep in mind that there will be longs buying in this entire identified range and they are the reason for the price attempting to break out to the upside.

We have identified the next AIL and any longs that hold through to the next level will simply add to their positions. It isn't the way we trade, but many do and a wise investor/trader will always have in kind what others are likely to do.

The rest of the analysis is very easy to follow by noting the legend which clearly identifies the levels and targets we are looking for in the time-frame of this chart. As is true of every chart, we can show only some of the levels, but this will suffice for those who are trading on this time-frame. Keep in mind these are price levels and there is no attempt to show time levels.

We want to point out a concept that is difficult for some traders/investors to appreciate. Many like to trend trade because they feel it is safer. However, as our charts clearly show, the safest trading method is one that accurately identifies exact price entry and exit levels, in advance. As all of our charts demonstrate, the so-called "smart" money enters when it looks like it is the absolutely wrong thing to do. Why? Because they too know where the market is likely to react and they know the target levels. That is why they are buying when the majority are selling and vice-versa. They, like us, enter at the absolute most profitable price, time after time. Remember the old adage, 'don't fight price".

We never trade GOOG shares as hey are too expensive in quantity. We trade only GOOG options which are much more efficient. Do some research and see what profit you could have made by trading these levels we have identified. You will find that they returned 100s % on each trade.

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