Google targets

NASDAQ:GOOGL   Google Inc.
85 0 0
Technically: Few days ago Google             bounced on the previous top @540 from December and both EMA 100 & 200.
It seems Google             is continuing a negative channel.
Also several days Google             announced it wants to become a wireless carrier. Read: people are shifting more and more towards mobile, away from desktop. Ads on mobile are not as profitable as on desktop, so they choose a different course with mobile. In other words expectations will probably be met, but forecast will be tougher.

Where do we go from here?
We will see 475 very soon - next week. Then slowly towards 450 closing the gap (early April             ) .
And when EMA 100 & 200 will be crossing the EMA 500 keep in mind we could fall first to 420 before going up again.