The Graph - The Bulls Are Ready To Play


- Reverse Fibonacci Retracement
- Support & Resistance
-Trendline Analysis
- Order Block Flow Analysis

Inflection: $1.1357

Bull Cycle Begins: $1.5657

Buy Scale Ins: $1.8856 / $2.1122 / $2.3388


The Graph is gearing up for a beautiful BULL run

The Graph is another long term hold coin for me

Some call it the "Google" of crypto

I am buying coins myself at these super cheap prices and I will probably scale more buys as we move up

Let the games begin :)
Comment: I believe the correction cycle is going to finish by the end of this month and it may even leak over into July

We will be starting a bull run on crypto by end of this month and early next month

If you are not buying at these prices you are going to regret it as we will push for the next 2-3 months once this bottom is established

Im accumulating coins as always and I have not sold one coin! Selling at lower prices is how you lose

Buying at discounts on long term appreciating assets is how you WIN

Watch the next few days/weeks I am calling the next bull run in advance which is why i did the chart the way i did

I have full confidence and as I always say let the chart play out before saying anything :)
Comment: The party should get started in the next couple days

July shall be a very green month!
Comment: Nice pump so far on GRT looking good
Comment: Lets keep this momentum! Had to scoop up some coins
Comment: I believe GRT is holding/waiting for BTC

Once BTC starts moving GRT will use that as fuel and pump

Accumulate Accumulate Accumulate


Ya, I gotta stop looking.