GS - A Long Term View for traders and investors

BATS:GS   Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)
From a technical perspective, there is alot to like for the long side to this chart. A typical bullish breakout setup is forming on the long term, and GS is positioned to benefit from any continued strength in the market, from a fundamental perspective.

On the short side, there is a definite pattern for some very nice short term profitable trades even within the context of the overall long bias of the chart. It really depends on whether you trade/invest on a short term or long term basis.

We have not included all past trades for this time-frame, but the ones we are including gives a good idea of the size of the trades that were reacted to, even if they haven't hit their 1st targets. Plenty of room for profit taking w/o having to be 100% on the nose.

The ranges of the entries for the trades are clearly shown by the area encompassed price-wise by the corresponding rectangles. Some are very wide while other are smaller. Regardless of the range, every trade that we identify has a minimum target of 5x the entry range, in other words, every $1 risked has a potential for a $5 profit. Risk/reward is always a minimum of 1/5. We never show any trade on any time frame that doesn't meet this criteria.


Trading volumes have been declining for some time and the market have been sucked dry by the HFT's. The recent rally in GS has been on the back of Knight Capital's disastrous loss. I'll go with the short-side idea from here too. The comment I could add to your 5:1 reward/risk setup is that it depends upon the signal that you are working with. Some signals are 1:1 risk/reward but very high probability, from my perspective. Either way, thank you for at least acknowledging the risk aspect of your signals. Everyone would gain from pointing out the RISK in the RETURN. Thanks.