Boomer stock with good upside

borisrehab Pro+ Updated   
NASDAQ:HAS   Hasbro, Inc
probably a 99% chance you make money on this

I'll personally buy some ATM call options/debit spreads for 6-8 months out and close my eyes

solid balance sheet
good technical set up
holds trendline support super well
ready for purchase at this price point/retracement

once that weekly price crosses 200ma, you can sell some position or ride out to target 2 with diamond hands
I bought 10 $90 strike calls expiring Jan 2022 and paid $12.55/contract when it was trading at 89& last week
Total investment outlay = $12,500
I set a stop loss for 10$ just incase this trade broke down and stopped continuing its bullish march upwards

As of today (Dec 15, 2020)
Stock price is $92.25
My investment is +$1,600 (13% ROI so far)
- if it moves towards 97.5 in this short amount of time, I'd be looking to capture another 5000$ on top of this investment

I also sold a shorter dated call option (poor man's covered call)
I did the 97.5 strikes expiring Jan 15 and collected 0.93/contract. So I got 93$/contract x 10
930$ deposited into my account

If HAS shoots past my 97.5 strike price before Jan 15, I will look to close out this trade for a tidy profit in less than 30 days!

Will I feel bad it didn't reach target 2? Definitely not because if I see it showing good momentum breaking through target 1, I will look to open a debit spread and play the rest of the upside