Momentum on RSI suggests HBAR still has room to grow.

BINANCE:HBARUSD   Hedera Hashgraph / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
RSI still showing bullish momentum, but I will not be entering a trade here.

With no established support, and volume slowing down, the risk is above my profile, but if I were bold enough to take entry here I would set my targets on $.34 and $. 40 with SL at $.275.

If a reversal establishes support on the red trend, HBAR is heading to new price discovery .
Comment: first target hit. If it double tops and bounces on $.30 we're looking good, if it falls below, we've got some gap filling that needs to happen.
Comment: Second target scraped. I'm looking for confirmation of support around $.31 before I add to my bags.