HBAR/USDT Technical Analysis

BINANCE:HBARUSDT   Hedera Hashgraph / TetherUS
I have been stunned by Hedera and its performance and the fact that it has not been going up as much as I thought to have believed. That being said, I have not yet done technical analysis on hedera. I am currently invested in $HBAR. I think hedera is the future, and it will pave the way for new cryptos. This is not one of those coins I like in the future. I usually do a spot trade and hodl as this is an excellent long-term investment as $HBAR is one of the many few that will still go up during a bear market.

As stated, "Hedera is unique in that it achieves the same result as the most public blockchains (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum ), but in a way that is faster, fairer, and more energy-efficient, stable, and secure — these advantages can be attributed to the underlying Hashgraph algorithm and the global enterprise governing body, which owns and operates Hedera today."

What do you guys think about HBAR? Is it the future? 🚀🚀 What coin should I do next? ₿