HD Divergence play with KeyCode Paths + they just bought a SHIP

NYSE:HD   Home Depot, Inc. (The)
My millionaire Mentor Richard taught me his divergence play set up and said if HD ever comes down start looking for Divergence.... So here we are. We have Divergence and Keycode is set to a strong play in the past where price action is contained inside of it at at least 95% or better.
I made a key code of the price action then found an exact match to this move in the past.... one that matched at lease 95% or better. That way if the move is that close to the same shape we have now it must mean the sentiment of the market was the same at that time. Therefore, the outcome should be the same coming out of the move. I then used PTP which is Past Trend Prediction by tracing the trend it made after this move in the past and projecting it forward on to the current move.

Then I took the same move on the Daily which is a different Time frame then the first..and found the same move with out a key and traced its path and projected it forward as well.

Sometimes I use about 5 other Price Action tricks I have have developed over the last 10 months or chart out the Curve and what Stage it is in. The Curve is my own brain child and I compare that to Wycoff method. Taking all of these into account You have several different approaches to confirming direction and intent of the institutional buyers and where Retail resides during this move.

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