On the above 1-day chart price action action has corrected 82% with oversold condition (dark orange column). A ‘incredible buy’ opportunity now exists with the break of RSI resistance (blue diagonal lines) as Stochastic RSI crosses up 20 (circled in green) with bullish engulfing candles. Look left.

Is it possible price action falls further? For sure.

Is it probable? Very unlikely.

Good luck!

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Trade active: Price action returns to support following the 'incredible buy' signal. Excellent risk/reward from here.

Trade active: Safe to go long now, price action breaks out to upper side of Bollinger Band with Stochastic RSI crossing up 20 (circled in yellow).

Target? Previous high / 400%

Good luck

Trade active: Good moment to go long as price action returns to Bollinger Band mean and confirms support and is also on Golden ratio.

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Comment: One observation of any altcoin / BTC pair when price action breaks through the 21-week EMA (green line) and tests it as support is is a significant upward move.

HEGIC / BTC is about to test for support following a break up of the 21-week EMA.

Some examples from random alts.



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Trade active: We're off to the races.
Comment: forgot chart. On the 1-day chart below resistance was broken with a impulsive move,
fantastic. Now we wait for support.

Stochastic RSI is just crossing up 20, this move is just beginning.

Trade active: Fantastic, 21-week EMA close on the 4-day. Just like the Troy post from earlier. See a lot of alt-coins closing on, some under!

50% move incoming for this token, don't know 'when', but soon - be patient!

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