Leading indicators are Bearish

COMEX:HG1!   Copper Futures
Very quickly before the market opens...

The JNK ETF is heading further down for lower low -> Bearish for equities.
The IWM ETF is likely to follow down continuing the candle -> Bearish for equities
The DJT ETF broke support -> Bearish for equities
The VALUG failed the resistance, with a bearish candle for more downside -> Bearish for equities
The TIPS ETF gave up and gave way -> Bearish for equities
The TLT ETF is looking for a non-existent bottom -> no flight to safety. just gave way, period.
The VIX just broke out and checked in at the support... spiking up soon?
The HG1! copper futures stalled at resistance.

Overall, Bearish bias on equities