As another request, here are my thoughts on HIMX! 👍

NASDAQ:HIMX   Himax Technologies, Inc
As @hector158 requested, here are my thoughts about HIMX!

We have a bull trend, but last time the RSI was that overbought, it did a pullback, so let’s keep this in mind. If it loses the 14.94 this pullback will happen.

But the 4h chart is not overbought yet, and if the 14.94 holds the price, HIMX will just hit the next resistance at 16, which is a target now, that triggered the pivot .

We have an inverted head and shoulders pattern here too, and this is interesting.

HIMX looks good, more bullish than bearish . If it does a pullback, ok, but it must not lose the 20ma in the 4h chart, because this will cancel the bullish thesis.

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