Helium ready to go beyond the stratosphere

Helium's halving is about 2 months away and is currently a project quite a few people talk about. Its price chart vs BTC is just incredible and it is probably the best performer since the day before the crash started, and its structure is very bullish and stable across all timeframes. It has been closing above its 2020 ATHs, as well as early April and early May high which is showing that it is very strong.

It's market cap isn't that small, but not very large either. It's current inflation is high but the demand has been strong and the way the rewards are distributed is very interesting. As a project it is quite promising which is a big plus.

Now it doesn't have many listings, but I believe quite a few more listings will follow relatively soon (i.e Coinbase, Huobi, OKex). On binance it might get some extra pairs + isolated margin. It is listed on Binance US and FTX which are quite important too.

The current setup is a very simple on and just as a first target. From here I think HNT could easily double.
Trade closed: target reached: Helium reached my target and even popped a little higher for a bit, but it isn't looking as great now. The market is in a weird situation... I do think Helium will do pretty well at some point once again, especially due to its halving but for now I remain cautious