Hi, Here's a quick look at HNT 4 hr chart. As we can see, the price is retesting the trend Support Line if the line doesn't hold we may see a drop to the red line 1. Support Line and if the support line doesn't hold we may see retesting on 12-13$ levels.

If we hold on to Support my targets are

We hold the support it's a good sign in 3 days I expect to hit at least 22$ or + if BTC doesn't drop hard. In the long term end of the spring , I expect 30-50$ Right now it's a positive support line worked let's see what will happen.

We are still holding good on the Support Trendline but if BTC today or tomorrow drops very hard we might see a retest on the red Support line 15$ this is FIB 0.5 so its strong support but if we fail from here we might see a retest on FIB 0.618 golden Ratio which is 13-14$ We will understand in few 4h Candles. Right now everything is going well the support is holding.

Targets are still the same if we drop It takes a little longer to reach, but I think we will see those targets. 1 Hour Macd might cut upwards 4H Rsi 40-45 1H 30-35 its good, and last but not least There is a contraction of the 4-hour Bollinger bands and also 1-Hour with good volume and with the good news there is a triangle formed we might see breakup. Let's see / Thanks for the comments guys appreciated.

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Comment: There is also 17.90$ resistance we need to close above this level and make this Support Level

Trade Safely
This is not financial advice!