HOOD - Robinhood / Short Memories / The Confederacy of the Dunce

NASDAQ:HOOD   Robinhood Markets, Inc
Hoodiots are a common breed. Freshly minted, young, inexperienced investors looking to get their Game Stops on in the markets.

600,000 new accounts (Probably FAKE bot accounts sponsored by Citadel , lol) opened in a single day.

Hoodiots seem to easily forget their accounts were locked out of Buys, only Sells.

Were a broker to ever do this, they'd be 86'd to the curb forever, but Hoodiots "Believe" it's ok.

It is not.

$3.4 Billion was required to meet settlements... stability?


DTC can cut Hoodiots heads off in an instant, they've done so... but hey, they'll never do that again!


More vague excuses, misinformation - "It is for your own good", "We are increasing Liquidity"

Accept that they ran out of cash. Keep moralizing their decision and citing misinformation.

RH eroded trust and went to none other than JPM for a $Billion... the very edifice you all claim
to beat back every day... stopped both buying and selling, except to close existing positions.


Unless you’re paying for trades you’re routed to someone buying order flow.
E*TRADE, Ameritrade, etc sell order flow for revenue.

You're a long con sucker.

Preventing buying and selling - except to close existing positions. You are your
own Margin Liquidity Trap - a death spiral.

You moved your Capital to a Fault Line, expect earthquakes.