Holo Is Now Above Resistance | Impulse Move Imminent |180%+ Next

Holo ( HOTBTC ) is now trading above all major resistance in the form of EMAs (EMA10, EMA50, and EMA100).

The next resistance that Holo will challenge is EMA200 at 13 satoshis. If you look at my recent charts, you can notice that EMA200 is now becoming relevant for many of the altcoins that are starting to grow.

When we are low, we look at EMA10 for bearish / bullish potential.

As we move higher, EMA50 decides if there will be additional growth... Once EMA100 and EMA200 are conquered (the price of a pair moves and closes above-said indicator), massive growth is possible.

Holo ( HOTBTC ) has a bullish chart and the potential for additional growth is now FULL ON!

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